PRESENCE Happenings

PRESENCE is neither a course, nor is it a workshop, nor a lecture, nor a discourse, nor is it a seminar.
It is an ineffable field of powerful self transformation and self realization.

Upcoming PRESENCE Happenings May 2023 to August 2023

PRESENCE Audio Live with Aaryaa Maharishikaa Preeti
May 14, 2023

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June 17 and 18, 2023

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PRESENCE Immersive
Goa, India
June 30 to July 5, 2023

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PRESENCE Immersive Val Bregaglia, 2023

PRESENCE Immersive
Zürich, Switzerland
July 31 to August 5, 2023

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Maharishikaa on YouTube

A collection of videos from various PRESENCE Happenings that have taken place around the world.

Maharishikaa | Using spirit guides? Hands-on or online healer? Protect yourself! | Preeti Upanishad

In this revealing and unraveling answer, Maharishikaa shows Mia Lockhart – new to her healing practice using spirit guides – the occult truths that underlie both hands on, as well as online energetic healing. Mia learns from the Maharishikaa how she can practically protect herself from energetic depletion, as well life saving practical knowledge about the vastly mysterious spirit world and the mechanics and dynamics of invisible energies and energetic exchange.

Maharishikaa | Gurus, pain, enlightenment, reintegration, scandal.

A rare window into the world of a spiritual guide. Spiritual Guru Manik Reuters asks the Maharishikaa about the pain and suffering that gurus have to endure. In an epic answer of Truth, Maharishikaa speaks not only about the pain of a guru, but elucidates the little-known internal processes that take place after enlightenment, including the process of reintegration that also brings with it enormous shifts in the experience of sexuality. She gives the key to how spiritual masters can protect their community and thus themselves.

Maharishikaa | Decolonization, Woke kids, Sanatana Dharma, Hindu Rashtra.

Hindu Rashtra and other controversial topics are addressed as Maharishikaa answers Deshna Khanna’s questions on Decolonisation, Woke City kids, New age spirituality, Secularism, Islam, Gurus, Anxiety. She speaks hard-hitting truths, awakening within each seeker the will and courage to stand up for the dharmic freedom to seek and practice all kinds of spiritual practices in Bhaarat – the last bastion of pagan culture in the world. She shows how young urban ‘woke’ Indians are standing in the way of their own progress and freedom.

Maharishikaa | Replacing Neo-Advaita emptiness with Maharishikaa Fullness | Preeti Upanishad

Maharishikaa shows a Mooji follower experiencing emptiness – how to replace Neo Advaita emptiness with true Fullness. She speaks about how the Soul is experienced as ‘Fullness’ when one takes up the practice of Surrender to Soul. She warns about the dangers of contemporary Neo Advaita practices that often result in highs and lows, and depression and anxiety. She also describes the role of religion in propagating the idea of the soul being synonymous with emptiness.