The PRESENCE Immersive, Zurich, Switzerland
August 4 to August 9, 2024

PRESENCE Immersive Val Bregaglia, 2023

A pioneering happening! A revolutionary body of knowledge! A life changing transformation! An energized field of action! A revered transformational guide!

For six intense days, immerse yourself in an unparalleled process of self-mastery. Awaken to the all-knowing Source within you. In the presence of Maharishikaa Preeti – the mystic who dares to demystify – receive the answers to your most challenging questions. Receive the strength to transform.

Learn how to master yourself. Learn how to empower others. And above all, learn a powerful new process by which to tune into the Source within, to receive precise answers, and… to know… what Love is.

To avoid disappointment, please register immediately. Spots are limited.

Please note: Early bird discounts or volunteer exchange opportunities for the Immersives are currently not available.

If you are a student under 24, please write to us at to receive the students registration amount. Please make sure to provide a copy of your passport, and your student ID proof.

The Immersive

  • Open the floodgates to the reservoirs of your physical energy, your emotional strength, your conceptual clarity, and your transformative creativity.
  • Ask any question in the Question & Answer sessions.
  • Learn how to think clearly. Learn how to step away from thinking.
  • Sharpen your sensing. Deepen your perception.
  • Learn specific Kriyas, exercises that strengthen specific realms of consciousness.
  • Experience transformation.
  • Learn the secret of tuning into the Source within yourself.
  • Know what Love is…

The Location

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the city where the knowledge that Maharishikaa Preeti unveils, first began manifesting. It’s the city where Maharishikaa Preeti was discovered as a Seer and a Knower. In 2002, when She was invited to answer questions for the very first time, PRESENCE Satsangs were born in Zurich.

A place of inspiration for the many brilliant minds that have walked its streets in different eras, Zurich was home to Zwingli, who lived and fought for religious and political reforms. It was here that Albert Einstein postulated and taught many of his revolutionary theories. Jung’s groundbreaking work in psychology came to life here – Zurich has been the birthplace of many ideas that have changed the world. Even Freud found refuge in the city’s tranquil atmosphere, drawing inspiration from its natural beauty and vibrant culture.

Zurich’s historical and contemporary impact in the fields of art, science and religion, continues to inspire and captivate us today, as it has for centuries.

Once the Roman city of Turicum, a place of strategic importance on the banks of the Limmat River, it has evolved into a hub of innovation and creativity, drawing in some of the greatest minds of all time.


The Itinerary

Participants must arrive in Zurich, Switzerland, latest by 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 4, 2024. The Immersive will begin on Sunday, August 4 and conclude on Friday, August 9, 2024.

Those under 18 will not be permitted to attend the Transformation Satsangs.

Included in your registration amount

  • Transformation Satsangs with Maharishikaa Preeti.
  • Kriyas and meditations to support the process of surrender in oneself.
  • Five nights accommodation on twin or triple sharing basis, breakfast included. Females with females and males with males. (An exception will be made for families with children sixteen years and under). A few single occupancy rooms are available on a limited basis at a significantly higher cost.
  • Bath towels and bed linen.
  • Nutritious vegetarian meals, cooked with love by saadhaks and sevaks (lunch and dinner). Tasty snacks and tea during session breaks. Natural mountain spring drinking water.


Excluded from your registration amount

  • Visas and Flight tickets.
  • Transfers to and from Zurich Airport.
  • Travel Insurance and all other related Insurance.
  • Additional food and drinks.
  • Yoga mats.
  • Anything not mentioned in the included list.


To know the extras for children under 18 traveling with you, please write to us at Please make sure to provide your child’s name, age and ID proof. Currently we cannot provide babysitting services, however, parents are welcome to organize babysitting among themselves. We cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for any eventualities that may happen due to such arrangements.


Timings are dynamic and will be made known as each new day unfolds.

The Immersive

Participants doing a Kriya

Attention: Your registration is binding. Please check our refund policy before registering!

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If you are a student under 24, please write to us at to receive the students registration amount. Please make sure to provide your full name, age and student ID proof.

Surrender to Love
Zürich 2024