Preeti Yoga

Also known as the PRESENCE Process, Preeti Yoga is a succession of transformative actions that awaken, enlighten and strengthen specific realms of consciousness – the physical, the emotional, the conceptual, the transformative, the uniform and the pluriform.

Practicing these potent short meditations, movements, and contemplations will open the floodgates to the reservoirs of your physical energy, your emotional strength, your conceptual clarity, and your transformative creativity – unlike anything you have experienced before. Become the best version of yourself. Become an ArtBeing.

Bheekshaam Deyhee

PlantAnimalHuman Awakening
Female Walk Male Walk

Saft Meditation
Juice Meditation

Desire Dissolution
Thought Incineration
State Sensing
Other Sensing

I’m Here
Panchaanga Namaskaar Saashtaanga Namaskaar
Genetic Listening
Aatma Pradakshinaa
New AUM chant

Evolution Dance
Cellular Surrender

Source Walk

“No Bliss. Just this.”

Maharishikaa Maiyaa