The PreetiMirror

The PreetiMirror

Created by the Swiss Indian conceptual artist, mystic and transformational mentor Preeti Chandrakant – known to Indians as Maharishikaa Preeti – the PreetiMirror is a talismanic instrument of Self-reflection for ArtBeings participating in her monumental ArtBeings project.

At the heart of the talisman is the Mirror, representing the microcosmos. The six concentric circles encircling the mirror represent the macro-cosmos extending outward, from dense to subtle matter.

A symbol of the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine, the circles represent the yoni, the female vulva, and the mirror at the center represents the Lingam, the male phallus.

The six circles or chakras, also stand for the inter-link between the six chief realms of consciousness and the first 36 years of a human life. Each circle represents a period of 6 years, during which that particular realm of consciousness is prepared for experience – like a clay pot being baked to hold what will be poured into it. 

The innermost first ‘physical’ circle represents the years 0 to 6, the second ‘emotional’ circle years 6 to 12, the third ‘conceptual’ circle years 12 to 18, the fourth ‘transformative’ circle years 18 to 24, the fifth ‘uniform’ circle years 24 to 30, and the sixth ‘pluriform’ circle years 30 to 36. 

Signifying the link between the senses and evolution, the outermost physical circle or chakra symbolizes the mineral state, governed by the sense of taste. The second emotional circle symbolizes the plant-animal state governed by the sense of smell. The third conceptual chakra symbolizes the human state and is governed by the sense of sight.

The fourth transformative circle symbolizes the essence of the state of the transformative being, the next being to appear on earth, and is governed by the sense of hearing.

The fifth unity circle symbolizes the state of unity consciousness of a being of a far future and is governed by the sense of sensing. The pluriform innermost circle, the sixth, symbolizes the state of a perfect sensing being of an even farther future and is governed by the sense of touch.

The Mirror itself is asymbol of Self-reflection. Reflecting to each who they truly are. Symbol for the eternal being, the Antaraatman, the Soul.

Ultimately, the PreetiMirror is a Self-discovery narrative of the viewer expanding consciousness, from the physical material state of the macro-cosmos, represented by the outermost circle – to the emotional state, to the conceptual state, to the transformative state, to the uniform state, to the pluriform state represented by the subtle material state of the innermost circle – to the final destination, the subtlest of all matter, the Soul, represented by the mirror in the centre.

Known to attract protection and prosperity to the spaces in which it stands, the PreetiMirror is placed, either singly, or grouped in site-specific installations, in inner spaces and outer landscapes, transforming these places into strength filled Self-reflection zones.

A talismanic symbol of Truth, the PreetiMirror is used actively in Self-transformational processes by ArtBeings participating in Maharishikaa Preeti’s history-making conceptual art project ArtBeings.

Maharishikaa Preeti

Maharishikaa Preeti – born Preeti Chandrakant in Mumbai, India – is a Swiss-Indian conceptual artist, mystic and transformational mentor. She is the first artist worldwide to create and show ArtBeings.

While she was developing her work as an artist in Zurich, on an extraordinary adventure of consciousness, a series of indescribable mystic experiences catapulted Preeti into a state that marked the beginning of an ongoing manifestation of a new body of knowledge.

In the aftermath of this challenging process, as she sat in a café in Zurich one morning, a woman unknown to her, approached Preeti to describe an overwhelming vision she’d just had of white light coursing through Preeti’s body and emanating from the crown of her head. The woman, a Zurich artist, and occultist invited Preeti to address a group of friends and answer their existential questions.

Gradually seekers from different fields – students of life, scientists, artists, industrialists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, designers – approached her, for reasons they could not rationalize.

Since then, away from the limelight of social media, she has addressed thousands around the world. Through her lucid answers to their questions, she progressively unveils an astounding body of knowledge about every conceivable aspect of living.

As an award-winning art filmmaker and artist, she continues to sculpt and exhibit her controversial ArtBeings. Attracting protection and prosperity, the PreetiMirror is a significant talismanic instrument in the intense and extremely challenging transformational processes that ArtBeings undergo.

Her work has been shown at the Art Basel, the Palais Palffy in Vienna, the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the Locarno International Film Festival, the Trento International Film Festival, the Festival Max Ophüls Preis, the Mumbai International Film Festival, and the India Art Fair, as well as various museums and Goethe Institutes worldwide.

“I was trying to put into words the experience of the immensity of the universe. And as my eyes closed for a moment, once again I experienced it – pulsating wave upon wave like the circles around the mirror, emerging from a center which in itself was the apparent end of another invisible beginning. It was the universe revealing itself as The Mirror.”

– Maharishikaa Preeti


The oldest metal known to humans, sacred copper is seen in India as the terrestrial manifestation of the fiery celestial warrior planet, masculine Mangal or Mars. It is used to protect against negative energies and black magic, and to attract prosperity and abundance.
In Europe copper is associated with Mars’s counterpart, the mystical feminine celestial planet Venus, and the Greek goddess Aphrodite, attracting love, beauty and prosperity.

Lustrous copper, healing, warm and moist to the touch, is a powerful electrical and thermal conductor, and combines readily to form alloys.
With its metaphysical qualities matching its physical properties, copper is the most widely used metal by shamans and healers, and is used to create yantras – objects of meditation – for spiritual practices.

In alchemical and transformational rituals that attract prosperity and protection, it is used to stimulate the flow of energy between macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos, between disembodied beings and embodied beings, between one individual and another, and within the body of the individual.

Governing the anahata or heart chakra, copper, when properly used, enables the balanced union of the emotional subjective and the rational objective, of the Dionysian and the Apollonian, of Prakruti and Purusha, of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

Copper is the master metal of protection, of prosperity and of love.


Copper casing with copper-tin alloy reflective disc or plane mirror.
Copper & steel plaque with inscription about the piece and the artist.

Inscription on reverse
The PreetiMirror
Maharishikaa Preeti
(Edition fractional number).

Hinged and latched, faux-suede lined art crate.

Certificate of authenticity
Signed by Maharishikaa Preeti.

The price of the PreetiMirror is determined by demand. Over time, the price increases, as the edition sells out.

54 cm diameter – Edition of 1008
108 cm diameter – Edition of 108
216 cm diameter – Edition of 54

Limited Edition release

Annual Maintenance Contract
available on request.


Site-specific, multi-mirror, large dimension immersive installations with the PreetiMirror in various sizes and mediums.

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Gaze into the Mirror…
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