The PreetiMirror


The Sculpture and the Installations
Created by the Indian Swiss conceptual artist, film maker and mystic Maharishikaa Preeti, the PreetiMirror is a talismanic instrument of transformation.

This potent object was first given by Maharishikaa Preeti to ArtBeings participating in her magnum opus – the monumental conceptual art movement, ArtBeings.

A Reflection of the Truth principle embodied within the viewer, the PreetiMirror is integrated actively in the extremely challenging transformational processes undergone by ArtBeings.

Known to invite protection, power and prosperity to the spaces in which it hangs, the PreetiMirror is placed, either singly, or grouped in site-specific installations, in inner spaces and outer landscapes, transforming these places into strength-radiating zones.

At the heart of this instrument sculpture is the reflective surface – the Mirror, the Bindu. The Mirror is the point from which the viewer extends inward into their microcosmos, towards the Antaraatman, the Soul, and outward into the macrocosmos, towards Paramaatman. The movements, both inward and outward, are movements from dense into subtle matter.

The six waves each evoke one realm of embodied human consciousness.

The PreetiMirror Sculpture, the Love Mirror, can be experienced as the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine, the circles being the Yoni – the female vulva – and the Mirror at the center being the Lingam, the male phallus.

The six waves resonate with the six chakras which in turn are expressions – within the body – of six realms of consciousness.

Each swell rises and falls over a span of six years of a human life, during which that particular realm of consciousness is being prepared for experiencing living – like a clay pot being baked to hold what will in future be poured into it. The first wave is the physical, the second the emotional, the third the conceptual, the fourth the transformative, the fifth the uniform, and the sixth the pluriform.

The innermost Physical Wave echoes the mineral realm, governed by the sense of taste, the second Emotional Wave the plant-animal realm, governed by the sense of smell, the third Conceptual Wave the human realm, governed by the sense of sight.

The fourth Transformative Wave evokes the realm of the Next Being to appear on earth, governed by the sense of hearing, the fifth Uniform Wave the unity consciousness of a being of a far future, governed by the sense of sensing, and the sixth Pluriform Wave the state of consciousness of a being of an even farther future, governed by the sense of touch.

Ultimately, the PreetiMirror is a materialization of the most subtle of all matter, the Soul. It invites the ArtBeing, the viewer and the seeker to a journey of Self-discovery – exploring veiled realms of consciousness.

Maharishikaa Preeti

Indian-Swiss conceptual artist, film maker and mystic Maharishikaa Preeti first became known through her magical realism videos and films that were shown in museums, galleries and cultural institutions worldwide.

She has won prizes like the Swiss Film prize and the Trento special prize as well as numerous Arts Council grants in Switzerland and Italy, for her work, which critics have varyingly described as futuristic, dadaistic and hypnotic.

Her works have been shown at the Art Basel, the Palais Palffy in Vienna, the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the Locarno International Film Festival, the Trento International Film Festival, the Festival Max Ophüls Preis, the Mumbai International Film Festival, the India Art Fair, as well as various museums and Goethe Institutes worldwide.

“Everyone is a potential work of art” is the maxim with which she has been developing the new art form – the ArtBeing, since 2002.

The numerous happenings where she sculpts on the ArtBeings are attended by people from around the world who are interested in being chiselled into living works of Art.

The sculpting they undergo involves all realms of consciousness using sense enhancing techniques and trainings. These realms of consciousness are mirrored in the talismanic object of self reflection, the PreetiMirror with its six concentric waves.

“ArtBeings are human beings whose thinking has been made more precise, whose seeing has been made more aware, whose hearing has been sharpened, whose touch has been trained to respond to the subtlest of stimuli, whose tasting has been refined, whose smelling has been heightened, whose sensing has been awoken, whose very materiality has been made aware of itself.”

While she refers to her current and continuing work on the ArtBeings artform as being at the foaming edge of immaterial art, Maharishikaa Preeti concurrently unveils the inherent power that a material object can hold – in the object The PreetiMirror.

“I call myself an Immaterialist because while I recognize undeniably that all is matter, I simultaneously experience the immateriality of all matter.”


Maharishikaa Preeti
Born Preeti Chandrakant

ArtBeings and Time Pieces
2002 – ArtBeings
2018 – IG Halle Rapperswil, «Maharishikaa
Preeti shows you how to die»
2016 – IG Halle Rapperswil, FACE TO FACE, group exhibition
2014 – Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbal
2012 – India Art Fair, Delhi
2011 – Art Basel (inofficial pop-up-intervention)
2010 – Art Basel (inofficial pop-up-intervention)
2002- ArtBeings and Time Pieces

Public projects
2003 – Shift To The New Being, Phoenix, Arizona
2002 – Global Peace Awakening Force, Geneva

Video Installations
2002 – Step Into My Salt and Water, video book
2001 – Salt, Kunsthalle Arbon
2001 – Sweet Surrender, Shedhalle Zürich

Films and Videos
2000 – Jesus Goes To India (ourney No. 3- Outer Journeys Inner Odysseys), 35 mm Blow-up, 85 min., Color, Sound, subtitled in various languages. Festival Cinéma Tout Ecran, Genf: Palazzo Pitti, Florenz; Mumbai International Film Festival

1990 – Al Gatun (ourney No. 2-Outer Journeys
Inner Odysseys), 16 mm, 74 min., Black and White, Sound, subtitled in various languages.
Locarno Festival; Solothurner
Filmfestival: Festival Max Ophüls Preis

1988 – A Goat To The Gods Journey No. 1-Outer Journeys Inner Odysseys), Single Channel Video, 21 min., Black and White, Silent. Palals Pallfy, Wien; Goethe Institut international

1984 – Graffiti, Single Channel Video, Length variable, Color, Sound, English.
Art Basel

1983 – Minas, Single Channel Video, 21 min.,
Color, Sound, English, French.
Kennedy Art

Early Work
1983-1987 – Production and presentation of experimental works in stone sculpture, Xerox art, Video-photography, Body art, and Video art as well as works with Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine and cut-up techniques, chiefly in New York, Paris and Basel.

Grants and awards
• Arts Council of Basel
• Arts Council of Graubünden
• Arts Council of Italian Graubünden
• Arts Council Pro Helvetia
• National Arts Council of Switzerland
• City Council of Zürich
• Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland
• Swiss National Television stations (German –
DRS, Italian – TSI, and French – TSR)
• National film prize – emerging
• Special prize of the jury, Trento International Film Festival Italy.

“I was trying to put into words the experience of the immensity of the universe. And as my eyes closed for a moment, once again I experienced it – pulsating wave upon wave like the waves around the mirror, emerging from a center which in itself was the apparent end of another invisible beginning. It was the universe revealing itself as The Mirror.”

– Maharishikaa Preeti


The most ancient of metals known to humans, sacred copper is perceived in the east as the terrestrial manifestation of the fiery celestial warrior planet, masculine Mangal or Mars. In varying complex rituals it is used to protect against negative energies and black magic, and to attract prosperity and abundance.

In the west copper is associated with Mars’s counterpart, the mystical feminine celestial planet Venus, and the Greek goddess Aphrodite, attracting beauty and love.

Lustrous copper, healing, warm and moist to the touch, is a powerful electrical and thermal conductor, and combines readily to form alloys. With its metaphysical qualities reflecting its physical properties, copper is the most widely used metal by shamans and healers, and is used to create yantras, objects of contemplation.

In alchemical and transformational rituals, copper is used to stimulate the flow of energy between macrocosmos and microcosmos, between disembodied beings and embodied beings, between one individual and another, and within the body of the individual.

Governing the anahata or heart chakra, the realm of the unity consciousness, the primeval ancient metal copper, enables the balanced union of the emotional subjective and the rational objective, of Prakruti and Purusha, of the Dionysian and the Apollonian, of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

Copper is the master metal of protection, of prosperity and of love.

Site specific installations

Site specific installations are large dimension multi-mirror, immersive installations which often incorporate sound and light.

Each installation is unique and is created specifically for the designated space. Multiple PreetiMirrors from tiny to very large, in copper, steel, silver, gold and platinum
– sometimes hundreds of them – hang from filigrane structures, throwing moving reflections of lights onto ceilings, walls and floors, to the sounds of the deep universe, which have been recorded by spacecraft.

A site specific multi-mirror installation is a unique and singular intervention in the space of your choice, whether it be a private home, a town or city space like a central square, an airport entrance lobby or a condominium entrance lobby.

Site specific installation process

After initial inspections by the team to ascertain if your space is suitable for a Preeti-Mirror installation, Maharishikaa Preeti will personally visit the space. She will take into account the energy of the place, the play of light, sound, the elements, the history of the space, and other significant factors.

She will then create a one of its kind installation transforming the perception of that space, drawing inhabitants and visitors into an interactive, often deeply meditative experience.

PreetiMirror Catalog Page 10 TechSpec


Copper casing with steel reflective surface.
Bronze casing with steel reflective surface.
Silver casing with steel reflective surface.
Gold casing with steel reflective surface.
Gold casing with platinum reflective surface.

Numbered editions
54 cm diameter, copper with steel reflective surface. Limited edition of 54, hammered and produced in Switzerland, with CH in inscription on the reverse.

54 cm diameter, copper with steel reflective surface. Limited edition of 1008, hammered and produced in India, with IN in inscription on the reverse.

108 cm diameter, copper, bronze, silver, or gold with steel reflective surface, or with platinum reflective surface. Limited edition of 108, hammered or cast in Switzerland, with CH in inscription on the reverse.

Single sculptures
108 cm diameter, copper, bronze, silver, or gold with steel reflective surface, or with platinum reflective surface. Each sculpture is a unique piece with differing wave dimensions, and differing curvature, as well as a unique name inscribed on the reverse.

216 cm diameter, copper, silver, or gold with steel reflective surface, or with platinum reflective surface. Each sculpture is a unique piece with differing wave dimensions, and differing curvature, as well as a unique name inscribed on the reverse

Site Specific Installations
Available on request

Inscription on reverse of the PreetiMirror
Maharishikaa Preeti
The PreetiMirror
Unique name or edition fractional number

Transport crate
Fine art shipping crate – wooden, securely lined

Certificate of authenticity
Signed by Maharishikaa Preeti

Optional plaque
Plaque for wall or pedestal with inscription about the piece and the artist.

Hanging instructions
If the collector chooses to take into account the talismanic aspect of the PreetiMirror sculpture, information about how the PreetiMirror must be handled and hung
– taking into account the cardinal points – can be made available by a representative of the ArtBeings Factory, before the piece is delivered.

The price of the PreetiMirror 54 cm and the PreetiMirror 108 cm limited editions is determined by demand. Over time, as the editions sell out, the price rises.

The price of Single PreetiMirror sculptures 108 cm and 216 cm depend on the metals used, and availability.

Limited Edition release
54 cm: 2020
108 cm and 216 cm: 2023

ArtBeings Factory, Zurich
Limmatquai 120
8001 Zürich

Guido Baumgartner
+41 78 618 32 92

ArtBeings Factory, Mumbai
Purushartha Saini
+91 98452 58000

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