“I was trying to put into words the experience of the immensity of the universe.
And as my eyes closed for a moment, once again I experienced it –
pulsating wave upon wave like the circles around the mirror, emerging from a center
which in itself was the end of another invisible beginning.
It was the universe revealing itself as

The Mirror.“

Maharishikaa Maiyaa

The Truth Line

Reflecting Spirit in You


This jewelry revealed by Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa is known to bring centeredness and prosperity to those who wear it. At its heart is The Mirror with its six concentric circles, each representing a realm of consciousness – the physical, the emotional, the conceptual, the transformative, the uniform, and the pluriform. Gaze into the Mirror and know the Self within – the Inner Source, the Antaraatman, the Truth. 

Reflect in it! Transform with it! Prosper through it!