Questions about herself that Maharishikaa Preeti has answered in various PRESENCE Happenings

1. Do you believe you are the only one who can show the way to the Truth?
The Truth can never belong to any one person. As it is, the world has too few transformational mentors, spiritual gurus, mystics.

2. Do you believe you’re an avatar?
An avatar is a being that is an incarnation of the Supreme. Isn’t every human being, and for that matter every animal or plant, an incarnation of the Supreme? If I’m an avatar, then so are you one.

3. Is Presence a sect or a cult?
In today’s day and age, with the thousands of knowledge based transformational movements and spiritual teachers and gurus world-wide, the words cult and sect in this context have lost their meaning. They’re outdated.

4. Are you an embodiment of the Divine feminine principle?
Yes. And so are you, whether you’re a female or you’re a male.

5. Are you enlightened?
Whatever the nature of my spiritual realizations may be, whether I’m enlightened or not, is not for me to say. Those who approach me have to decide these things for themselves. I do however distinguish between enlightenment and self-realization.

6. Do you believe you’re a prophet or representative of God?
I feel that every single being on this planet is a representative of God. How we express this fact differs from person to person. I’m here to reflect to each person who comes to me, who they truly are. To point them to their inner master, the Source, the Truth, Soul, God. I’m here to relieve suffering in whichever way I can.

7. Why do you allow people to bow down before you?
I was born and raised in the Indian sub-continent where from childhood we are taught to bow down, and even prostrate ourselves before our parents, our gods and our gurus. We learn humility in this way. I allow those who aren’t from the sub-continent to do this if they feel like. I myself bow down before my elders and other gurus. It’s a beautiful feeling to bow down before others and seek their blessings. In that part of the world dominated by the Abrahamic religions – mainly Christianity and Islam – this is considered demeaning. In the east bowing down before another is considered strengthening.  I tell both my western students as well as my Indian students to prostrate themselves before their partners and their children and their parents and their teachers.

8. Do you think your close disciples are the chosen ones?
The concept of chosen ones, and day of reckoning, and day of judgement etc. are concepts entirely alien to me, and to the knowledge I bring. All beings are chosen – chosen to live out their lives in service to the Truth.

9. Which Holy texts have you read and quote from?
I have not read any holy texts. What I say comes from the Knowledge that has been revealed to me since 2001.

10. Did you meditate in the Himalayas?
The only time I was in the high Himalayas was to collect natural stones from the rivers for my Lithonautic art installations.

11. Do your disciples pray to you?
Some of them do when they are in moments of distress. They call out to me for help. It gives them solace and comfort, although I have said that I do nothing consciously.

12. Are your students expected to leave everything and live in an ashram or in seclusion?
Every home in which my students live is an ashram. My teaching shows how to live in the midst of life, embracing all that life has to offer, while serving the Truth.

13. Do people have to give up their religion to follow your teachings?
I don’t ask anyone to convert or change their faith or religion. My students discover the Source within. You can relate to the Source, entirely independent of the religious framework you belong to.

14. What is your lineage?
I am sampradaya mukt, free of lineage.

15. Why do you allow yourself to be venerated by your students?
I feel it is a beautiful act to venerate anyone. They venerate me because I love them, I reflect to them who they truly are, I point them to their inner master. I venerate them too.

16. Who gave you the title of Maharishikaa?
This title was given to me by two Maharishis. But there are many people who call me Preeti, the name my parents gave me. Preeti means love.

17. Are you self-proclaimed?
I was first discovered in a café in Zurich by a clairvoyant occultist and artist. She came to my table to speak to me because she saw white light coursing through my body and dancing above my head. I myself didn’t see anything. After this, people heard about me and started to come to me with their questions. They told others about me. I did not proclaim anything.

18. Does every one need a Guru?
Everyone needs to know that they have a guru, and that this guru is the Source of all the answers they need, to navigate this process of living. They need to know that this guru is the AntarAatman or Soul or Source that resides within them, and they need to know how to listen to the answers from Source.