… a total absence of malice; playfulness; vibrant, unapologetic female beauty; radiance; gentleness; fierceness; a charming quirkiness; vulnerability; solidity; fearlessness; intellectual brilliance and eloquence; spontaneous authenticity; and eyes that are windows to the infinite. How does this all coexist in one human form? My mind still cannot grasp it. I want to say to my friends, “Pinch me. I must be dreaming.”

My mind tested you again and again. I observed you closely. I have been “burned” many times, and joined and left at least 2 cults in the past. My radar was very active. But every time I found a possible “red flag”, you did or said something that either vaporized my concern, or just simply touched my heart in a deep and undeniable way. On my third day with you, there was an unformulated, unspoken question within me—“Does she grasp the absolute?”—and when you said “There is no creation”, something in me just surrendered. My body did not move, but my whole being was in a pranam before you. Waves of grace and recognition poured through me.

I have one request: Please do not handle me with kid gloves. I want the straight truth. I don’t have time to mess around. If my feelings get hurt, I know it is MY issue. It is just more stuff to throw into the fire. Egos are all insane. I have SEEN this, and I am totally clear on this point. Why would I waste any energy defending insanity? Please whittle me down.

In deep gratitude,
Craig Alan Cerney, Tiruvannamalai, India


The ‘Voices’ below are a small selection from a thousand emails, letters and statements in English and German that Maharishikaa Preeti has received from people whose lives she has touched and transformed. They have been edited for brevity. Do email us if you have an experience you’d like to share here.

Refreshing direct and forthright. She’s challenging Neo Advaita, while still insisting on the here and now. Fearless and charismatic too. Great!!! First experience.

Shivam O’Brien, United Kingdom

This was a special immersive. In a sense I regained myself. Practically, to dissolve my desires will be the most crucial leg of my journey to the self. This is indeed a biggie!

Rajesh Khanna, Mumbai

My experience was quite an intense one. Being one of the youngsters, it was almost like getting a glimpse into what my future could or could not be. Like being given a cheat code to avoid the life-mangling mistakes others have made.

Deshna Khanna, Bangalore

She is bright and beautiful. And love shines through her eyes. Words don’t matter, vibration does…

Virginius Dankas, Switzerland

It was an absolutely fascinating experience. Maiyaa’s presence touched me. She appears to be someone who has infinite wisdom & empathy to provide a solution to any conceivable problem, one can have! I would certainly spread the word around for others to get the opportunity to see her.

Indranil Das, Calcutta

PREETI hat mich an vieles erinnert & einige meiner inneren “Glaubenssätze” bestätigt. Jedoch auch z.T. mit ihren Aussichten/Weisheiten aufgewühlt, da diese meine eigenen Konzepte über Bord wirft. Ich bin dankbar für ihre Offenheit & die Art wie sie sich mitteilt und uns so an ihrer
Weisheit teilhaben lässt.

Iyonawan Hauser, Zürich

At every PRESENCE Immersive, PRESENCE day and PRESENCE Yaatraa there is a gift beyond any other. The edge of Maiyaa’s chisel only get sharper. On a spiritual journey, there is a moment, when the gift is shown by the master. Maiyaa has done the impossible, in showing someone like me the possibility of listening to the TRUTH within.

Farhana Matar, Singapore

My Maiyaa, the invitation email which I found to be so mysterious, didn’t actually do justice to the profound import of your presence. The confidence and pride with which i’ve always led life, thinking the Universe is showing me the correct way to live, I realized, was only my ego. There are so many things to mention about my experience, but I’m so overwhelmed.

Sujja V Appukuttan, Mumbai

I have attended many Satsangs over the years but my experience with Shri Maiyaa was different. I have never seen a Master like this with such innovative and revolutionary ideas. I surrender to her.

Ajit Nadkarni, Mumbai

Liebe Preeti, Danke für diese intensiven Tage, the golden key Immersive. I suppose the desires fall away when we die, but what a chance to learn how to drop desires while one is living!

Simon Bless, Zürich

Knowing Maiyaa makes me feel like I have a protection from the Universe. What more can I want?!

Kavita Mukhi, Mumbai

There is nothing more beautiful, more powerful than to experience the Guru-Shishya-Parampara – the lila of it. TRUTH I’m all Yours.

Aleksandra Nesic, Zürich

It was the most intensive and tough Immersive I’ve ever experienced. It was shaking, awakening, strengthening, life changing. I understood so much. In deep gratitude.

Karin van Egmond, Kloten

Passion, love and never ending masses of energy – within seconds she transforms, awakens, and reconnects each one to the Divine within. This Immersive I experienced the Antaratman, the Source within, a number of times during the exercises – it is something real, something that can be experienced in any moment. Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa ki jai!!

Rebecca Nathan, Mumbai

A very solidifying experience. Forever I’ve been falling into this trap of looking for an escape from all sorts of situations. Now, I’ve received a new strength to do what needs to be done.

Amisha Khanna, Mumbai

This one day PRESENCE felt as powerful and as intense as an immersive. MAIYAA your PRESENCE always fills me with love and strength. It is always so empowering to see You!. Very very powerful. It feels like I am getting more and more anchored in my being.

Payal Amlani, Mumbai

That was a ground-breaking immersive. I learned more about the essence of matter.
In diesem PRESENCE wurde mir klar von welcher Schönheit und von welcher Liebe die Worte von Preeti getragen werden. Gleichzeitig kann ich dasselbe (Schönheit und Liebe) in mir wahrnehmen. Und das wertvollste daran scheint mir, dass seit einiger Zeit mein soziales Umfeld nicht nur auf mich positiver reagiert, sondern, und das ist das schönste daran, sie selbst verhalten sich nun viel positiver.

Guido Baumgartner, Zürich

Maiyaa is very wise. She’s humourous. Her thoughts are straightforward. And she has a charming smile.

Charles Lemire, Montreal

I felt truth, fresh and sweet, unfolding beauty. Grateful for pointing me to the Here and Now.

Rita, Rishikesh

It was Fun. I feel my Truth has broken the lockup unit of my ego and is free. I owe my life to you Maiyaa Ji. I love You.

Purushartha Saini, Mumbai

I felt a sense of deep peace, gratitude and surrender

Atul Mulji, Lisbon

Suddenly I seem to be having time, money and energy for everything that’s important.
Being a spiritual seeker since a long time now and having done many things, personally I feel the spiritual journey in Maiyaa’s Presence is much simpler and faster. I feel blessed to have such an opportunity. This is my first yatraa and I feel I belong. I love you Maiyaa.

Hetal Mehta, Mumbai

After so many years of being your disciple, you still astonish me in every session. My experience in your PRESENCE is intensive and intense.This knowing, your compassion, humor, your love for each and every one of us, your straightforwardness, your memory, softness, fairness, power, beauty! More and more people are coming to sit at your feet, there are more and more children being born around you. Thank you for your endless Grace. To love the Guru is the key. I love you.

Beatriz Thalmann, Bonn

All the questions have fallen away, at the feet of Maiyaa. Desires have started to dissolve.
MAIYAA ki Jai!

Mitesh Thakkar, Mumbai

I am in contemplation of my sadhana and the purpose for which I was given that sadhana. This was to help me move to the final “yes”. I have to continue and will continue to transform those traits in myself that inhibit the final “yes” and the prosperity in my life. Thank you Maiyaa for continuing to light my path!

Craig McMillan, Singapore

The Immersives with Maiyaa are the only way for me to learn to know myself. It takes a lot of time and suffering. Dieses Immersive ist das für mich wichtigste gewesen seit beginn. Nach all den Jahre habe ich mit dem Blick auf meine “Desires” das Tor (auch zum ego) geöffnet. Plötzlich liegen die Dinge alle ganz offen. Nun geht es darum, das notwendige zu tun.
It will be the most important step in my life. Thank you for your patience.

Martin Esser, Bonn

Now I have hope again that I will be able to experience the truth within, that I will find myself and know what this living is. What you have given to all of us in this Immersive has the power to make many more transformations possible. Deeply grateful.

Judith Anaheim, Zürich

Being in your presence Maiyaa has made me realize that living from the truth is what will change my perspective on things which are otherwise too difficult to understand. What you said about thinking of money as goddess Lakshmi sitting in my hand makes me value money more now. I have also understood that I don’t need to let my emotions to take control of me.

Anagha Sangeetha, Bangalore

In den letzten Tagen war ich öfters angespannt durch die Arbeit im Geschäft und zu Hause. Ich danke Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa, dass sie mir zeigte wie ich durch Meditieren die Ruhe wieder finden kann. Ein herzliches Dankeschön!

Maria Cesare, Kloten

I feel that all of my questions and doubts are being answered completely, even the unspoken questions find an answer from the Maharishikaa. I felt that answers were connected to day to day living and how to live more positively. They were answers which I could understand and can act upon.

Sowmya Mahesh, Singapore

Revealing, attentive and deep she confirms the deepest spiritual teachings I’ve had but have long since forgotten.

Xavier Calderon, Zürich

As usual just fantastic. Everytime I see you I learn so many new things. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you soon.

Parin Nanavati, Mumbai

Unlike most of the gurus I’ve seen, Maharishikaa Maiyaa’s way is simple. With just one basic guidance ‘Live in the Present’. It sounds easy but it’s tough to practice. Beautiful words. Love your message Maiyaa. Please continue.

NN, Bangalore

Ich erfahre viel Klarheit, Kraft und Liebe. It’s incredible to experience the light and sweetness of surrender and be humble to a living Guru.

Bettina Baer, Zürich

Es ist als würden die Gefühle, Gedanken, das Wissen, welches schon immer in mir schlummerte und teilweise auch schon in Gedanken oder Worten manifestiert wurden, durch Preeti aufgedeckt, erweckt, ausgesprochen, präzisiert, greifbar, verstellbar und umsetzbar. 

Sandra Burger, Winterthur

I’ve received things which will help me live life much better and sincerely. Hoping to learn more intensively from you at some point in the future. I feel very positive.

Nasir Nawaaz, Mumbai

The experience with Maiyaa was overwhelming. I met Maiyaa for the first time. I look forward to be a disciple of Maiyaa and continuing with my journey towards self-realisation. Namaskar.

Anandita Tandon, New Delhi

PRESENCE is a Divine Play with an enlightened master. Clarity on questions you never thought you had, but were existent, is obtained. A seer. A divine one.

Deepak Jiwan, Mumbai

I got the reassurance that I’m on the right path – to conquer my ego. I was reminded to be humble and accepting, and to submit to the cosmic power that will guide my life.

Asha Krishnan, Rishikesh

This was a very special Immersive because it finally dawned on me that I’m on a spiritual path with Preeti as my Guru. Preeti is not only a teacher or guide but my Guru. I am grateful for this realization.

Marc van Egmond, Kloten

With your Grace, I experience a unique self love for myself today. I had a strong realisation that all along my hidden agenda for attending all the Presence days and Immersives was about fulfilling my desires or finding a solution to my problems. It was never really about self transformation. Now on this new journey, all I ask is your Grace to transform me into what I am supposed to be. Maiyaa Ki Jai!

Priyanka Nalwade, Mumbai

It was truly a divine experience. I came to know about the true spiritual side of being.

Kavita P. Shetty, Mumbai

Ich habe heute gelernt, dass Wut und Angst mich krank macht. Um dies zu vermeiden will ich täglich zu meiner inneren Ruhe/Seele kommen um für meine liebsten da zu sein!

Peter Zgraggen, Kloten

It was an excellent experience. Practical and logical. I loved it from bottom of my heart, and I’m going to follow the practice in my life.

Deepak Saraurg, Mumbai

The learning never stops when one is around Maiyaa.

Samir Mangalorkar, Mumbai

Being in Your PRESENCE is always a very powerfull & a life changing experience. I realise all the things you have transformed in myself & in my life. I realise that Sevaa is the only way to keep sanity in my life. The focus has to be to the Truth. Everything else will fall into place. I am eternally grateful for this to You Maiyaa. I love you Maiyaa. Your Shishya.

Sefora Cuoco, Zürich

On Presence Day I forget my tension. I get back my confidence and the courage to fight against adversity.

Raksha Mehta, Mumbai

Very knowledgeable. A profound experience.

Driti M. Bhatt, Mumbai

Loving and generous Maiyaa you always give in abundance. So powerful. It’s so amazing how you know our concerns and our fears without our even mentioning them. It’s amazing how you answer our questions without our even asking them aloud, each and every time. Its truly magical … teaching with purity & love.

Manish Bhatt, Mumbai

I experienced divinity in Maiyaas presence. Today I say that it is possible to distinguish between Truth and Ego.

Sharda Bhatia

Divine PRESENCE and Divine energy. Lucid. Modern. Erudite. I did not know how time flew!

Sharath, Mumbai

In her presence I felt immediately a peace and a call to substantial experience. Others can detect this quiet in me, and it helps in my interactions with others. When I spoke of my difficulties with my young son’s mother, I began to cry. Maiyaa led me to focus on my son’s well being. She revealed to me my issue of not being able to provide security to others.

Jonah Tobias Gropper, New Orleans

Your presence has revealed immense experiences. Words are inadequate to describe what I have received at your feet. The subatomic view of the universe, the informing nature of the universe, the raising of my consciousness to the transformative, a glimpse of the world behind the obvious, the truth in this moment, of this moment, by this moment. My life feels edited, deleted, rewritten, retold, relived, re-experienced, revived and reborn.

Ramesh Iyer, Mumbai

Thank you for pointing me to the GURU within me, and making me feel again the inner divinity. A feeling that at times is lost in the rock and roll of living in urban Singapore. Then during the Guru Poornima Poojaa, I looked up to the stunning bakdrop of pouring rain. And you smiling. So much love, compassion and gentleness. I was moved to tears. The shine of perfection staring right in front of me reminded me and brought me back to your love for me and mine for you.

Juliana Mattar, Singapore

Maiyaa, you have given me a roadmap in order to do what needs to be done. I feel various layers of my awareness now opening up. I have felt your love and affection in a way which I have never experienced till now. I’m grateful to you for showing me a different side of me.
Warm Regards and Love

Krunal Amlani, Mumbai

A Sense of freedom, seems like it’s my place. She has given me the space to expand and explore my true self. Thank You Maiyaa.

Rupinder Sethi, New Delhi

This Immersive I experienced the love from Maiya and that was an amazing feeling. The connect was immense. I also felt that whatever was corrected in me was and is from that love.

Sangeetha Sanjay, Bangalore

Each time i am in Maiyaa’s Presence, i am filled with feeling of awe and wonderment for Maiyaa, and every word spoken by Her. I feel the need to surrender my entire being to Her and at Her Feet. i feel very humbled, blessed and privileged, all at the same time to be able to experience Maiyaa as Grace personified.

Nandini Mehta, Mumbai

I’ve learnt many things. My appreciation and acknowledgement and gratitude for the Truth, the inner guide, has been revived, woken up and solidified. My daily sadhana shall keep it awake and solid.This knowledge will change how I walk through life forever.

Irene Ma, Zürich

Dear Maiyaa, I felt a sense of purpose for the first time, not for my personal agenda, but to actually make an honest attempt at sensing what “The Truth instructs me to do”. I will definitely verify before I conclude.

Sevak Sanjay Panicker, Cochin

I had an experience which I had never experienced in my life till now. PRESENCE has helped me realise how energy can be channelized by being on a path of truth.

Koushik Patel, Bangalore

I appreciate the informal, semi-structured atmosphere and content. I found the blend of tradition-based, yet freshly-examined and personally presented teachings appealing.

Jacob Eisenberg, Dublin

Organic and simple. Not a mind based but an experience based teaching.

Lila, Tiruvannamalai

All my questions are fading away. As the sessions progress, I get that I have to be in the present moment and hold on to it. A new simple spiritual life.

Vishal Singh Panwar, Bangalore