New year's message, 2021

by Aaryaa Maharishikaa Preeti

One day in the far future when humankind looks back at the year 2020 there will be the understanding that it was a year that forever transformed how humans live, work, communicate, and love.  

It will mark the beginning of a collective shift in human consciousness from the rational to the trans-rational, from the conceptual present to the transformative future.

There is no going back to how it was before. Many revered institutions that rational humankind has erected over the millennia have begun to experience radical paradigm shifts and the human race is being forced to self examine and transform on a previously unimaginable scale.

So this new year 2021 is the year of True Love, as people move, or are moved into a new way of living and a new way of loving. There can be no compromises made. Whatever is false must fall away. Must be burnt in the fire of Truth. And whatever is True will stand. 

Yet what is this thing we call True Love?

Yes, it is that very special feeling that a mother feels for a child, or two individuals feel for each other. An experience of the unconditional. 

A giving without expectation. A receiving without expectation.

And what is the source of that love? 

Where is it to be found? 

Isn‘t it the very Soul we hold within ourselves? The Antaraatman? The Source? The Divine within us?

Let us make this year 2021 the year when we touched with our fingertips the Great Soul within us, and bowing down embraced it without reserve. Embraced its command, resolved to follow its impulse fearlessly. 

It is only by humankind becoming aware of and embracing the Source of that unconditional love, the very Soul within, the Antaraatman, that this gigantic inevitable paradigm shift from conceptual to transformative, will take place smoothly. 

We must know without doubt that it is indispensable to experience this love within ourselves, for us to be able to give this love to the other.

Because when you embrace your own Soul and begin to follow its command fearlessly, you begin to experience true love within yourself. And when you begin to experience true love within yourself, you begin to experience true love for the other. 

So, let this year 2021 be the year of unconditional love. The year of True Love.